The consulting begins with a conversation that, with you, forms the basis for a joint and successful project. Your wishes and ideas are the focus. We advise you, ask questions and listen.

A website relaunch or creation always requires much more than just a design, text and few nice pictures, it requires good planning.

We advise you and offer website conceptions beyond the obvious. This includes link structures and keywords and metadata optimised for search engines – we cover all this in advance.

During the consultation, you give us basic information about your company. What are the objectives of the new website? Which groups do you wish to target, reach and address? Do you already have a corporate design (logo, inscriptions, house colours) or should a new corporate design be developed by our agency? After an in-depth analysis of your needs and ideas, we set an objective to your project. We develop a coherent concept and show a first draft. On the basis of the collected information, we will make a budget plan and discuss it with you.

For larger website projects, we can provide you with the most important questions beforehand. You can prepare yourself and bring all the information to the point.

Consulting at

Start a Project

With our many years of experience, we develop concepts for small and medium-sized companies, in which the website exactly matchers your vision.

We define content, functions and much more. This way you get a clear idea of the website that is emerging. If the budget is not yet clearly defined, the concept also helps determine the costs for the new website.

We listen, understand the actual situation, discuss goals and budgets, define framework conditions, agree on timings and present solutions so that the joint project runs like clockwork. In addition, it helps immensely when you, as a customer, know in advance, when and what you get.

Our Services

  • Non-binding Consulting
  • Professional Analysis of Needs
  • Concept and Project Planning
  • Target Group Analysis
  • Ideas, Feasibility and Implementation
  • Time and Budget Planning
  • Partner Recommendation Consulting